Hey! Welcome! I’m Brooke, owner of Adalynn Grace Boutique. This is my husband Steven, aka, Stevo, my right hand man who’s always helping me bring my dreams to life. We opened Adalynn Grace Boutique in the spring of 2020 after walking through the door into the boutique world that God opened for us in 2015.

Our mission:

Inspiring confidence and spreading light to everyone we serve.

Our purpose:

To honor God and glorify Jesus by loving on people through fashion.

Our why:

We believe owning this boutique and helping women feel confident about themselves is ourcalling. We want you to leave us feeling better than when you arrived. Bonus if you’re leavingwith a new outfit inspiring a confident glow.

The story behind our name:

As an extension of our core values, we named our boutique after our daughter, Adalynn Grace. Family is the most important thing in the world to us. Our kids are the light of our lives and everything we do is rooted in our desire to be the best parents we can be to them. We want them to see us chasing our dreams, honoring God and loving people the way Jesus loves us every day.

The name Adalynn means noble and kind, and we all need a little grace. It’s the perfect name for our beautiful girl and is also an embodiment of our brand.

Our beginning:

Back in 2015, we got wind that a local boutique that I shopped at here in Jacksonville was closing. We heard they were interested in selling, so we reached out to the owner. One thing led to another and we quickly knew that it was something we felt led to do. In June 2015, we became the owners of this local boutique and fell in love with the boutique world. What we loved most about it was the opportunity to get to know so many women as we helped them find the perfect outfit. There’s nothing like seeing someone leave with an outfit that makes them feel incredible and watching them glow.

After a couple of years of running our boutique, we joined the LuLaRoe craze in late 2017. We operated our LuLaRoe business out of our 2 story garage with the upstairs being our shipping area (what used to be Stevo’s man cave…love you babe) and the first floor being primarily used for live sales. It quickly took off on live sales and grew to the point that we couldn't handle both the boutique and our LuLaRoe business. We decided to sell the boutique to pursue LuLaRoe.

In late 2019, early 2020 the LuLaRoe business began having some challenges surrounding inventory issues and the business began to feel misaligned to our personal values. We prayed about where to go next and were led to exit the business. We did so by selling our remaining inventory and donating whatever we couldn’t sell.

Our big move:

We established Adalynn Grace Boutique in April of 2020. Initially, we wanted to expand to have a warehouse style space to simply go live & ship from, but God had other plans.

We found the beautiful building we are in now in the spring of 2021. The NoAlan, named after our son Noah Alan, was a place we viewed and prayed over many, many times. We felt like it was where we were supposed to be, so we boldly stepped onto the path God was guiding us on.

We purchased this building in August of 2021 and have worked hard to create an oasis of inspiration and empowerment, where every woman feels celebrated and cherished. We recently welcomed a massage therapist and an esthetician to our team, making The NoAlan the go-to destination for ladies looking for self care. You can shop, get a massage, treat yourself to a facial or join us for one of our fitness classes!

Our goal:

We want every customer who shops with us to feel like family. When you walk into our boutique or visit our website, we hope you feel like you’re coming home to a warm, southern welcome.

What makes us different:

We truly care about every customer we work with. To us, you are more than just a sale and our product is more than just clothing. We believe our paths are crossing for a reason and want to be the reason you smile that day. We have a deep and genuine care for each and every customer we have the pleasure of serving. To us, you are not just another sale. We wholeheartedly believe that our purpose is to help you feel empowered and confident while we uplift your spirit.

Our future:

As our Addy Grace ages, we'd like her to become more involved in the boutique business and for it to be hers one day if she chooses. In the meantime, we are here to inspire confidence within you to help you see how beautiful you are, just as you are. We are so glad you’re here to shop with us. We’re here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.